April Showers Have Arrived

Well, the April showers have arrived with a vengeance. We got well over two inches in a short period of time last night, and there looks to be a lot more on the way! Construction of our new pond (dubbed Lake Moonshine) was completed last week, so we welcome all this rain to fill up our 600,000-gallon swimming hole! Can’t wait to stock with fish in the fall and enjoy some refreshing swims on a hot August day.

The chickens are laying like crazy and the weeds are (for now) under control. It only took us 4 years, but we seem to have found an efficient routine and some fantastic reliable workers to help us. No way two old farts like Mike and I could run this all by ourselves now. Many thanks to Cookie, Becky and Bumper for their tireless efforts out here. Their hard work allows Mike and I to sit on the porch all day eating lobster while we survey our domain and discuss the weighty topics of the day.

I’m hoping to make this a weekly blog and will try and get some photos up as well. We’ve just revamped the website and it’ll take a bit of time to get it all running smoothly.