While in season,
you can find our flowers at these locations

Flower Varieties Currently at Market

Local, farm fresh flowers handpicked with love. Enjoy fresh seasonal blooms. Our flowers vary according to the season. We also now offer free range eggs as well as a variety of fruit and veggies when in season.


Click here to see a full list of what’s blooming in the field each month.

  • Globe amaranth

  • Persian Buttercup

  • Sunflower

  • Sweet William

  • Zinnia

  • Cockscomb

  • False Queen Anne’s Lace

Beautiful Inside and Out

Established in 2011, Prickly Pair Farm is nestled into the Central Texas countryside on 30 acres of rolling hills and gorgeous oak trees. A majority of the land is dedicated to conservation activities and the farm is entirely solar powered. We irrigate with mother nature’s drenching rains and the pure waters of the Trinity aquifer.

Animals are an integral part of the farm.

Our chickens provide delicious fresh free-range eggs while eating every grasshopper and bug in sight. Their manure goes into the compost pile for use next season. Read more about our chickens.

Our rabbits provide the absolute best manure you can use while also providing the occasional farm dinner. Read more about our rabbits.

Our goats are excellent at keeping the weeds down and absolutely LOVE to devour all the old marigold and sunflower plants when they are done producing flowers. They are also very entertaining….and adorable.

Our pig provides lots of headaches as she is essentially a 400-pound toddler who loves to tear up hoses, water lines and pond liners. However, she will also be providing bacon in the very near future.